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Ectaco Dictionary and Phrasebook available for Android users


Ectaco Inc. is a company dedicated to breaking the barrier of language, due to their translation devices and software. And now, in honor of the upcoming Jewish Holiday Rosh Hashanah, they would like to bridge the language gap even more by offering the Ectaco English/Yiddish Dictionary and Phrasebook FREE for Android users.

In the age of technology, it is unheard of to not own at least one Android device; whether it be a smartphone, tablet, Nexus etc… And now Ectaco has decided to honor those who wish to become more connected to their Jewish heritage right before this holiday by offering this software for FREE for the first time ever! This offer will become available two weeks before Rosh Hashanah begins, and it will not only last through the holiday, but permanently. This FREE program by Ectaco offers a database which is more extensive than any other in its class. The vocabulary on this software is extensive, and the functions are easy and meaningful. David Lubinitsky, Ectaco CEO, says “We hope this will give more people a chance to master the native language of their parents and grandparents.”

It was not long ago that many thought the Yiddish language was outdated and had no future among Jewish descendants, however, the increasing demand for information on the language and interest in the language itself is proving otherwise. Many people who speak Yiddish would like their children to know the language as well, in the hopes of keeping the language alive. But it has become more than that. The passing on of the Yiddish language from generation to generation will become something of a tradition. It would be a terrible sadness to lose this historical language with today’s older generation. Therefore, it is not only with a fierce necessity to carry on an almost extinct language, but with a love for familial traditions and shared understanding. Also, today’s younger generation has developed an interest in learning the language of their grandparents and ancestors. It is with the hope of maintaining this interest and preserving the Yiddish language that Ectaco has decided to make this language-learning software so readily-available and accessible to all.

To download this FREE software onto your Android device, simply go to Ectaco website and

or find it in Google play store

For more information on this product or any other Ectaco product please visit or contact Boris Krol, Product Manager, at 800-784-8444 Ext 204.

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