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Welcome to the LingvoSoft Advantage Program! Let's do business together!

Start earning money today!

We invite everyone, from an online store owner to a family homepage developer, to join our Gold Program. You should consider our program because:

  • Our translation and study software applications are unique and are the best on the market
  • We provide our customers with top-quality technical support
  • We are highly experienced in e-commerce
  • There are NO expenses or payment!
  • Currently, there are 7026 Gold Program members

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Advantage Programs can make you wealthy! Profit from our success!

If you are a web site owner - regardless of its structure, and whether it is an e-shop, an entertaining portal or just a personal homepage - you've got a real chance of making money here and now.

There is no easier way to earn a lot with very little effort.


It is very simple. You place our ad, which is provided by us, on your web page and that's it! Now you can go back to work or take a break. Every time your site's visitor buys an application from us you get richer. You make about 20% on each sale.

WHY are we THAT confident?

Again, it's very simple. When you are better off, we profit from it! The experts will be working for you, all around the world. We know how money is earned!

Finally, there is a single most important consideration:

The online store distributes translation and study software developed by LingvoSoft specialists, as well as software applications made by other well-known developers. LingvoSoft software with its new speech recognition and text-to-speech technologies has no analogues, substitutes and, therefore, there are no competitors! Talking dictionaries, localization packages, text translation software for all standard platforms - we've got it all covered.

We offer three cooperation programs to choose from.

Make money by becoming our Partner!
You can choose to put a link to or get ready-to-use Dealer's materials.
When customers click on the link to with your Dealer's refid, they automatically get your Dealer's Refid number and whenever later they purchase products from us, you will always receive your about 20% dealer's sales commission.

You can see your sales statistics and your accumulated sales commission in real time. The application order information is processed automatically by We take care of everything: we charge customers, deliver products, provide technical support and special offers.

Your account accumulates funds and you will be sent a monthly check by mail as soon as your account reaches $100.
There are no expenses or obligations on your part.

We created an example of our Gold Dealer Sales Statistics for you to view the details. To see this demonstration model of the Gold Dealer Account information, please use the login "" and the password "showme"

If you have any questions about Gold Program, feel free to

Join our Gold Program

To join the LingvoSoft Platinum Software program you have to have your own shopping cart system on your Web site. There are no charges, liabilities or risks involved. You post the descriptions of our translation and study software at your Web store (or add them to your catalogue) and connect them to the shopping cart system of your site. You are welcome to use all the images and HTML materials from the site.

The Platinum dealer's price-list for all products is available at .

You are free to set your own price for LingvoSoft products at your Web site, but it may not be lower than the Platinum Dealer's price.

After you have charged your Web site customers you should simply send us an e-mail with the order information (sales report) (product model, quantity, customer's e-mail address). And we will provide your customers with the required serial numbers (or we can submit all serial numbers to your catalogue and you will be able to send them to customers automatically).

We will charge you the Platinum dealer's price for the purchased software. Both bank transfer and credit card payment are acceptable.

Your profit is the difference between the price quoted at your Site and the Platinum Dealer's price.

Join the Platinum program

LingvoSoft is actively marketing its expanding product lines through its Software Online Outlet and would like to invite software developers, publishers and distributors for collaboration.

We want to hear from you if you have completed or are currently developing applications for Windows, Palm OS, Pocket PC or Symbian OS which focus on foreign language learning, translation, localization, as well as dictionary software. For details on our partnership programs, please

If the terms of the dealer's programs outlined above do not suit you, please, write to us with alternative scenarios for cooperation. We will consider the possibility of implementing these and will reply.
Feel free to contact us

This program is unique to companies who are ready to be the sole distributors of Ectaco products in their designated country. The distinctive opportunity is based on an annual or term contract.

If you would like to be Ectaco exclusive distributor in your country, please contact Amy Fox at

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