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Ectaco Universal Translator UT Lite and non-Lite apps for Android have been updated

NEW UPDATE - Ectaco Universal Translator UT Lite and non-Lite apps for Android

Fun and Entertaining Ectaco Vocabulary Builder Apps for Android

The First-ever Language Learning Crossword Puzzle Apps for Android

Brand New Ectaco U-Learn Apps for Android - Your Personal Language Tutor

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Nov 17, 2009    50% OFF all popular LingvoSoft translation software!
 LingvoSoft is happy to offer you up to 50% discount on all popular software titles for any major platform: Windows, Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Palm OS. Choose from Talking and None-Talking Dictionaries, Picture Dictionaries and Travel PhraseBooks. Also we offer Language Suites, software Bundles, language learning FlashCards and Full Text Translators.

Use these powerful language tools at work, at school or on vacation.

Available for more than 45 languages!

Click here to find your translation tool.

Sep 22, 2009    Brand new LingvoSoft software for Apple iPhone is finally here!
 ECTACO is happy to present a long-awaited release of our brand new LingvoSoft Talking PhraseBook software for Apple iPhone. This intelligent talking solution for portable communication is sure to become your true travel companion.

LingvoSoft Talking PhraseBook for iPhone provides instant bi-directional translation of over 14,000 practical and useful phrases for all common situations. It replaces bulky and inconvenient books and speaks all of its phrases aloud using clear, understandable native speaker voice narration for both languages. With it you will always be understood - even if you can't speak a word of another language.

Key features include authentic human voice narration, 15 easily navigated topic-areas, a choice of six display languages and advanced speech recognition for hands-free navigation.

Click here to get more information on the new LingvoSoft software for Apple iPhone.

Sep 8, 2009    Back To School Ultimate Discounts on all LingvoSoft software titles!
 Dear Valued LingvoSoft Customer!
We are glad to offer you huge discounts on ALL translation and language learning software.
Be amazed by the prices we can offer!

Aug 4, 2009    Summer Sale at LingvoSoft!
 Dear Visitor!
LingvoSoft is happy to offer you a 15% discount on all software titles for any major platform: Windows, Windows Mobile Pocket PC, Palm OS and Mobile phones. Language Suites, software Bundles, Dictionaries, Picture Dictionaries, Talking PhraseBooks, language learning FlashCards, Language Teacher software and Full Text Translators are all just waiting to be chosen!

Jul 3, 2009    LingvoSoft Takes You Around The World
 With the summer vacation season in full swing and prices for international airfares at record lows, now is the prefect time to take that foreign vacation you have always dreamed of. And what better way to get more out of every trip than to take along a LingvoSoft Talking Travel Dictionary for Pocket PC? Available in 11, 14, 15 and 23 language versions for your handheld device running the Pocket PC OS, you will never be at a loss for words now or in the future.

Jun 11, 2009    Take Control of the Language
 Its frightening how easily a perfect vacation can be spoiled by miscommunication. Never mind the few words of the foreign language you learned and practiced at home before you left but 9 times out of 10 you get it wrong when the time comes to use it. That;s because old-fashioned phrasebooks just can't help you where it really counts – with pronunciation. A small shift in the accent and you might be saying something you didn't mean to say – and getting into trouble for it.

May 29, 2009    LingvoSoft Puts 10% More in Your Pocket in 2009
 A fantastic 10 % off on the latest LingvoSoft suites helps make every day more enjoyable and improve your language skills step by step at prices that can‘t be beat. LingvoSoft Suite brings together a remarkable combination of LingvoSoft’s most extraordinary language applications and have been designed to help travelers, students and businesspeople working with foreign partners and clients become more successful. Featuring full integration across the entire Suite, it has never been easier to translate, speak and learn a foreign language.

Mar 26, 2009    An Incredible 30% off LingvoSoft Platinum Packs
 Just in time to make all your spring and summer trips more memorable and your language studies more effective, LingvoSoft is making available its most popular Windows and Pocket PC / Windows Mobile application bundles at incredible discounts. Now you can save 30% on already low prices and get all the software you will ever need in one single package.

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