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Lingvosoft releases new software for 2008

Lingvosoft releases new software for 2008


More languages, more functionality, and full readiness for the newest Microsoft operating systems

New York, NY October 29, 2007 – LingvoSoft, the software division of NY- based Ectaco, Inc., and the world’s leading provider of translation and language management software for hand-held electronic devices and PC’s has just released an all new 2008 product line.

Completely remade and remodeled, users now have the ability and ultimate freedom to learn and utilize an entire language at their own pace. Training that was previously reserved for private one-to-one lessons, while flipping through thousands of pages, are now available in the palm of your hand. Redesigned programs allow full usage of the software in almost all Windows programs. The "backward compatible" applications will run on older hardware along with the latest handhelds and PCs operating with Windows Mobile 6.0 and Vista.

"The 2008 LingvoSoft software line has been in the works for the past 3 years. Culminating with this release, we wanted to modify all our original programs and formulate them into the best learning and translation tools possible," said David Lubinitsky, Ectaco Inc. CEO. "With the addition of even more exclusive features, users will now be able to connect with these programs on any handheld, desktop or laptop computer".

With the superior Dictionary and Phrasebook sections, user’s can translate and listen to the words or phrases they desire instantly simply by pointing and clicking. Combining it with the Text Translation section, translating sentences or paragraphs users type in has never been easier. The award winning Flash Card and Picture Dictionary will make sure that users not only see the word, but can associate it with pictures to make memorization a breeze. Everything is built to support users of every skill level. From a student just beginning to learn a language to a professional facilitating communication, the new LingvoSoft language packages are the future of translation.

All the LingvoSoft titles released for 2008 feature the fastest search functions and most complete linguistic resources around. They even have pre-recorded phrases by native speakers to help curb that accent and hear exactly how things should be pronounced. Once that’s out of the way, talk to the program and it will recognize a phrase within it’s 63,000 speech synthesis database and provide a translation that can be read and even spoken aloud by the program.

With options for over 200 languages and tons of language cross-combinations, everyone will be sure to find the dialect of choice and even interface directly with MS Office titles such as Internet Explorer, Word and even Excel.

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