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LingvoSoft updated Talking Dictionaries for Pocket PC.

LingvoSoft updated Talking Dictionaries for Pocket PC.


LingvoSoft continues to expand LingvoSoft Dictionaries line with new updates for Pocket PC. The latest updates are included in its range of bidirectional voice enabled translating dictionaries for Pocket PC. These important updates are available in four versions each for the English <->Italian, English <->Portuguese, and English <-> Russian Talking Dictionaries.

Offered in Gold, Standard, Basic and Free versions you will be sure to find the one that’s just right for you!

The newest talking dictionaries for Pocket PC are capable of voice synthesis in English, Italian, Portuguese and Russian. Based on the latest BTS Text-to–Speech technology, these remarkable applications will speak translations from their massive vocabularies out loud. What’s more, they are not limited to pronouncing words from the included database but will say whatever you tell them to. Simply type in any word and hear it spoken!

They feature the same convenient search options, the ability to create your own personalized dictionary and support high-resolution displays and screen rotation. They are also fully integrated with LingvoSoft language learning FlashCards and Phrasebook applications for added effectiveness.

We are proud to announce that LingvoSoft has been included in the 2005 finalists for Best Software from Pocket PC Magazine. LingvoSoft Bilingual Talking Dictionaries for Pocket PC are now officially among the best translation tools for Pocket PC. While we are confident that our loyal customers are the best judges of our products, we are also proud to have recognition from this authoritative industry source.

LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary Free English<->Italian
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary Basic English<->Italian
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary Standard English<->Italian
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary Gold English<->Italian
LingvoSoft Dictionary English<->Italian
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary Free English<->Portuguese
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary Basic English<->Portuguese
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary Standard English<->Portuguese
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary Gold English<->Portuguese
LingvoSoft Dictionary English<->Portuguese
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary Free English<->Russian
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary Basic English<->Russian
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary Standard English<->Russian
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary Gold English<->Russian
LingvoSoft Dictionary English<->Russian

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